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Welcome to FourSpoke

When you need to relocate,

re-imagine, or remodel your environment, our team is here to provide installation, moving, storage, and maintenance services. 

At FourSpoke, we believe that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.


FourSpoke brings precision and craftsmanship to every installation project as we transform your space. 


Our experienced Field Project Managers are equipped with knowledge in 100+ manufacturer product lines. With installation being one of the most complex parts of our service process, we are dedicated to making sure all parts and pieces are assembled efficiently and correctly within a clean and organized job site. Our commitment to recycling and repurposing packaging and life cycled materials supports our values and our client's beliefs for a better and more environmentally friendly world. With a track record of delivering on our promises for over 20 years, you can count on us time and time again.


  • staging & job site readiness

  • assembly & fit/finish detailing

  • reconfiguration & decomission

  • recycling & material management

  • daily updates & client communication 

Man Carrying a Box


FourSpoke handles all of the logistics when safely transporting your assets to a new location. 

Our team can be smoothly integrated into your project timeline and budget for a seamless experience. Whether we deliver locally on one of our trucks or carton and ship, our methods of handling will ensure that all your assets are carefully packaged, labeled and transported to their final destination. Our non-disruptive process is designed to work for you; one source—day or night, weekends or holidays. With our ability to offer move management, you can rest assured our team understands the necessary value and care incorporated in the process of moving your belongings.

  • relocation strategy

  • secure & specific packaging process

  • guidelines & communication

  • furniture, modular wall, assets, & other

  • regional & national capability


FourSpoke’s protects your company’s assets in a full-service, climate-controlled storage facility.

Our warehouse operations team is equipped to handle your furniture, equipment and other ancillary items with the highest of care. With our receiving and tagging processes assets are organized at identified bay locations. Quality control checklists for installation preparation and shipping ensure the right products arrive to the site at the expected time. Pre-assembly and product inspection services create workflow efficiencies. Whether it's a storage need or installation readiness, your assets are in the secure hands of our warehouse team. You can have confidence that your investment will be protected.


  • pre-installation planning & coordination

  • professional handling tools & equipment

  • secure & stable truck loading processes

  • client notifications & communications

  • recycling & environmental practices 



FourSpoke is commitment to the long-term performance of your assets and the daily needs of your environment.  

Our complete maintenance services include all things to keep your products in optimal working condition. We believe in the importance of helping you maintain and enhance the longevity of your assets. This may be a simple repair, complete refurbishment, or workflow adjustment. Our approach will be to minimize downtime and maximize your return on investment. With ever-changing needs, we are here to support you now and well into the future.

  • cleaning, touch-up, & repair

  • service & warranty

  • reconfiguration & product enhancements

  • facility sweeps

  • decommission of non-usable assets

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